DIY Garden Pond, Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

The aim of this site is to help you design and build your own DIY garden pond or water feature in your garden or patio.

You can find hints, tips, ideas and inspiration on all aspects of choosing, designing and installing your own pond, water feature, lighting and plants.

We'll be covering topics on bespoke designs, construction, materials, maintenance, safety, pond life and wildlife, plants, lighting, pond accessories and many more.

DIY Garden Ponds and Water Features

small pond waterfall and fish

The good news is that garden ponds are relatively easy to DIY install and maintain. Modern pond liners are made from superior durable PVC to prevent punctures and tears.

Most liners come with a 10yr guarantee and are UV and frost resistant too.

Every one can enjoy the relaxing, soothing sounds of running water in their garden or patio. A pond or water feature can help transform your garden or patio into a quiet place of solace, to relax and let the world go by.

Or why not invite a few friends around to enjoy your new feature?

On a warm summer evening, switch on the outside lights, open a bottle of wine and sit under the stars catching up on the gossip, with the tranquil sounds of trickling water in the background.

A simple garden pond or water feature is a valuable addition to any garden or patio.

Bespoke Contemporary Water Features

contemporary bespoke water features

You could opt for bespoke, contemporary water feature made from modern materials like ceramic, glass and metal.

Paired with polished smooth stones and underwater mood lighting they turn any outside space into a unique attraction.

These are undoubtedly very eye catching and make an ideal focal point to any garden.

Custom installations provide a perfect conversation piece for when you're having guests over for an evening of outdoor entertainment.

Wildlife Nature Ponds

natural pond to benfit wildlife

A natural contoured pond, dressed with water plants can be an interesting wildlife attraction, benefiting you, and the insects and birds it's likely to attract.

In towns and cities these little private conservation areas are invaluable to the various species of animals that rely on them for food and shelter. Various wildlife could use your pond, such as: voles, toads, newts and frogs and bats.

A nature reserve all of your own, and a beautiful little wildlife oasis to enjoy and share.

We hope you enjoy your visit and wish you all the best in your new project.

So lets get started and take look at the decisions you'll have to make before you can get started.

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